Electronics & Computing Stuff
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Electronics & Computing Stuff: Schematics


Hacking a Teletron P600 UPS to Improve Backup Time by 600%

Hacking an APC Matrix 3000 UPS to Improve Backup Time

Replacing the battery in the IC MK48T02

Old Datasheets

PC Power Supply Schematics

Hamaya HA-2501S 25" TV Schematics

18V 6A Linear PSU Acopian VA18MT650 Schematics

36V 1A Linear PSU Acopian VRB36GT130 Schematics

Philips PE1948 Partial Schematics

Current PC Prices (link to Low Yat Plaza)



TMNet info incl. Streamyx

Slackware Linux & KDE

Other Linux Users in ON Semi Seremban

Technical Papers

Enabling Recipe Automation for Non SECS/GEM Semiconductor Assembly Machines

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