TMNet - Malaysia's excuse for an ISP
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TMNet Info

TMNet Problems?

So you have a problem with your TMNet (Talikom Malaysia Net). You are going to call (1300-88-9515) them! Read this first:
You are going to be given the runaround
It is going to take some time

So, you are running a mail server from TMNet? TMNuts has news for you: they are blocking port 25.
For some context see 'Email Servers' below.

DNS Servers

Try these Singapore DNS's if TMNet's reliably poor service bothers you:

Email Servers

Normal (1515)
Receive: (IP
Send: (IP

Streamyx ADSL
Receive: (IP, same as 56K)
Send: (IP, same as 56K)

New TMNet/Streamyx Mail Servers (they are really the same: i.e., they have the same IP address) have changed as of late March 2004. They got into the Spamhaus blacklist. Because of unsatisfactory follow-up, the entire TMNet IP address block was black-balled in the subsequent Spamhaus "escalation".
TMNet was removed from the blacklist 11 Apr 2004. Click here for a newspaper report. Click here for Spamhaus report. The new tmnet/streamyx mail servers have different IP addresses now. To access them, specify your login name thus:
TMNet, as usual is silent on the matter.

SMTP Server Blues
I believe the TMNet SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server authenticates a user using the "SMTP after POP3" method. If your mail client can receive emails but fails to deliver them, try putting your outgoing mail in a send queue. Check your incoming mail, and then immediately send all your queued messages. If your mail client handles more than one email account, you have to repeat for each account, making sure that the send queue only contains emails from that one account. This is a pain, especially if you are just replying to incoming emails to more than one account. There is a better method of authenticating SMTP accounts, the "SMTP Auth" method, but TMNet of course, does not use it.

News Servers




Both 56K (dial 1515) and broadband (Streamyx) works without modification with Linux 2.4 and 2.6! This includes sendmail, fetchmail and ipop3d.

Streamyx FAQ

Here is an unofficial FAQ on Streamyx.
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